Butyl Sealant

Good Brilliant Sealer's fireproof butyl sealant is a versatile functional material that combines both bonding and

sealing properties. It can prevent the leakage of internal gases or liquids while also guarding against the intrusion of external elements such as dust, moisture, water, pollutants, and chemicals. Additionally, it provides protection against mechanical vibrations, and impact damage and achieves sound and thermal insulation.

Good Brilliant Sealer's butyl sealant can adapt to the shape of the sealing surface, is non-flowable, and has a certain bonding property. It finds widespread use in fireproof glass, photovoltaic glass, civil engineering construction, electronics, electrical machinery, and transportation equipment, and other components in various fields. When used in conjunction with Good Brilliant Sealer stainless steel spacers, it will have excellent fire resistance, ensure reliable sealing, and maintain stable chemical and mechanical performance, making it a valuable addition to composite fire-resistant glass systems.

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