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  • The utility model relates to a shock-proof PE film cork gasket for packaging, in particular to a shock-proof PE film cork gasket, which comprises a layer of cork layer...


  • Cork gasket belongs to the fragile goods safety protection industry, including cork layer, mesh structure transparent adhesive layer...


  • Cork is a widely used type of stopper, for example, it is commonly used in some wine bottles, especially wine or some foreign wine is more common, then what is the material of cork, you can find that the cork is very easy to break, and the...


  • 3A molecular sieve has a wide range of application scenarios, mainly reflected in the following aspects: 1.Powerful adsorption capacity: 3A molecular sieve can effectively adsorb molecules such as moisture, ammonia, methane, ethylene, and hydrogen sulfide, so it plays a key role in natural gas dehydration, air separation, and drying of liquids and gases.


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