11.5A Steel Combination Spacer Bar
  • 11.5A Steel Combination Spacer Bar11.5A Steel Combination Spacer Bar

11.5A Steel Combination Spacer Bar

Good Brilliant is a leading China 11.5A Steel Combination Spacer Bar manufacturer. Our products have 4 major characteristics: good strength and durability, excellent thermal characteristics, high stability, and easy to manufacture and install.

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Product Description

Good brilliant is the 11.5A Steel Combination Spacer Bar manufacturers and suppliers, can wholesale steel combination spacer

The Relentless Pursuit of Perfection for Glass - Good Brilliant

Good Brilliant "11.5A steel composite spacer bar" is a material used for insulating glass, usually made of steel bars and hollow plastic arranged on both sides. The main function of this spacing bar is to separate a certain distance between the two pieces of glass, so that they maintain a certain distance. This spacing can reduce heat and sound transmission, while also preventing gas leakage, thereby extending the service life of the insulating glass.11.5A steel composite spacer, compared with traditional aluminum, stainless steel and aluminum-plastic composite spacer, has the following characteristics:

Good strength and durability: The internal structure of the steel composite spacer bar is composed of a plurality of steel bars and plastics, which has better strength and durability, can maintain the pressure balance for a longer time, and prevent the deformation of the spacer bar.

Excellent thermal characteristics: The thermal conductivity of the steel composite spacer bar is low, which can effectively reduce the heat conduction, thereby improving the insulation performance of the insulating glass.

High stability: Steel composite spacers will not be disturbed by external factors such as temperature and humidity changes, and are widely used in bad weather and high temperature and high humidity environments.

Easy to manufacture and install: The steel composite spacer can adapt to different types and sizes of insulating glass manufacturing, high production efficiency, and easy to install.

A good Brilliant Warm Edge Spacer can match the quality of the big brands. We always offer superior quality and cost performance.

Product details:

Brand:Good Brilliant

Item:11.5A Steel Combination Spacer Bar

Material:Stainless steel

Color:Can be Any

Use:For Glass


Product name :Good Brilliant 11.5A Steel Combination Spacer Bar

Place of origin: Hubei. China.

Brand Name :Good Brilliant

Model: 11.5

Color: Can be any color. Usually black or silver

Identification: OEM identification is accepted

Packing: carton

Packing: carton packing. In the way. Weather stripping does not deform and looks neat

Supply capacity: 1 million high quality waterproofing per day at the best price

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