13.5A Hollow Glass Frame Junctor
  • 13.5A Hollow Glass Frame Junctor13.5A Hollow Glass Frame Junctor

13.5A Hollow Glass Frame Junctor

Good Brilliant, Who started from 2003,she has been currently one of the most prestigious manafactuer of 13.5A Hollow Glass Frame Junctor in china She keeps the prominent position in servicing for many large-scale glass factories, such as Fuyao, CSG, Saint-Gobain, AGC & other leading enterprises in glass industry such as Bystronic, Lisec etc.

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Product Description

Good brilliant is the 13.5A Hollow Glass Frame Junctor manufacturers and suppliers, can wholesale steel combination spacer

The Relentless Pursuit of Perfection for Glass - Good Brilliant

Good Brilliant "13.5A Hollow Glass Frame Junctor" 13.5A Hollow Glass Frame Junctor is a connector for hollow glass window frames, usually made of steel. The "13.5A" in the name of this connector refers to its rated current, i.e. the maximum current that this connector can withstand is 13.5 amps.13.5A insulating glass aluminum frame connector is mainly used to connect the insulating glass aluminum frame. They are designed so that the aluminum frame is firmly connected with the insulating glass to form an integrated structure. This connector can ensure that the size and shape of the insulating glass is stable to ensure its thermal and sound insulation properties.

The advantages of 13.5A insulating glass aluminum frame connectors include the following:High strength: This connector is made of steel and can withstand greater strength and load.

Good corrosion resistance: The steel has good corrosion resistance and is not easy to rust or corrode.

Easy to install and use: This connector is easy to install and use, and can be applied to a variety of insulating glass sizes and shapes.

Stable size: The connector can ensure the dimensional stability of the insulating glass to ensure its thermal and sound insulation performance.

A good Brilliant Warm Edge Spacer can match the quality of the big brands. We always deliver superior quality and coast

Product details:

Brand:Good Brilliant

Item:13.5A Hollow Glass Frame Junctor

Material:Stainless steel

Color:Can be Any

Use:For Glass


Product name :Good Brilliant 11.5A Steel Combination Spacer Bar

Place of origin: Hubei. China.

Brand Name :Good Brilliant

Model: 13.5A

Color: Can be any color. Usually black or silver

Identification: OEM identification is accepted

Packing: carton

Packing: carton packing. In the way. Weather stripping does not deform and looks neat

Supply capacity: 1 million high quality waterproofing per day at the best price

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